To Build A Home

The soul is scarred, but hope remains
Let the smoke out while whimpering in the rain
And when you’re done,
go find this place

Old furniture suits your style
The walls will speak to you
Paint it with your favourite colors
Guide it with your gentle touch 

Lie down now, its time to rest
Your past has disappeared on an unearthly quest 
you can trust this piece of art
You can trust me now 

Grab a blanket and sleep tight
Dream all your broken dreams
Let the darkest memories fade away 
Scream them out the window 

Sing your heart out,
Your soothing voice will be heard
A single word will reflect your life 
and lift all of your fears 

I know you’re scared; terrified
The walls of these rooms will set you apart
They will guide you through darkness
and through those vile nights, they’ll set you free

This is the place I don’t feel alone
This is the place..I feel at home

– Andrew Sabu 

Black and White House copy.preview

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