With over 6 years of experience in the media & entertainment industry, I managed artists, worked on several events and music festivals and founded house-gig community LVNG in 2018 with Bengaluru based music startup RECK. – until the pandemic hit.

In the lockdown I majorly spent my time freelancing and built an extensive portfolio as an Assistant Director, Music Director & Creative Producer, working on projects with major clients like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Oppo etc. I even got to work with the video direction team for a A.R. Rahman concert in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Early 2022 I got hired as the Music Program Director for Record Room, laying the foundations of the music and vinyl community for the Bengaluru based vinyl bar. Playing a crucial role in community building, I looked at all things music & culture.

I am currently freelancing as a Creative Producer with a secret passion project in the works! And of course, making my own music 🙂